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This page is updated regularly so check back for more tunes. Although the music offered here is free for you to listen to, permission must be sought from the copyright holder (me) for commercial use. Also, any feedback on the music would be much appreciated ,see contact page, cheers, hope you like the stuff. darren eve.

Complete pieces broadband or download lo-fi for dial up streaming
1. el chico-this is a 'discovered' piece by legendary latin jazzer 'chico evez'. el chico.mp3 el chico.mp3
2. crowds- short song about escaping from prison/s. Guitar, voice, processing. crowds.mp3 crowds.mp3
3. chortest-experiment in four part harmony with al'ud and flute, perc. chortest.mp3 chortest.mp3

Excerpts of released works broadband or download lo-fi for dial up streaming
1. sunlight- written and performed by darren eve, processed and produced by fraser geesin under the name of 'ob'. sunlight.mp3 sunlight.mp3
2. see now- written, performed and produced by darren eve. see now.mp3 see now.mp3
3. crazy clari- short clarinet loop experiment, written and produced by darren eve. crazy clari.mp3 crazy clari.mp3
more coming soon. all works copyright darren eve 2004    
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