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links '04
Just a short page of links to sites that I have found useful or entertaining. These are divided by category and have a small description. If you would like to exchange links then send me your url via the contact page. Cheers.
music software  
1.Audiomulch- excellent music creation and performance software programmed by Ross Bencina. Shareware, free to download, regularly updated and has one of the best user communities on the www.
2.Autogam- very enjoyable aleotoric music composition aid. Reads and writes midi information through use of objects which can be linked together. If this program is used to send midi to a sampler or decent module the results can be excellent. This very stable freeware can also be used by games designers for automatic music environments.
3.Granulab- my favourite granular synthesis app. Freeware and commercial version. Very stable and user friendly.
4.Goldwave- long running shareware sound editor by Chris Craig. New version supports plug-ins and the author supplies an SDK. I love the older version though, simple, fast and adaptable.
5.Multiquence- beautifully simple multi-track audio and video shareware from Chris Craig. This is my multi-track recorder of choice because it is so easy to just get on with it. Supports direct x plug ins too.
6. AP guitar tuner- brilliant little guitar tuning freeware program. Will do alternative tunings and actually copes with all instruments of definite pitch.
fellow musicians and friends  
1. Different planet- site by my fellow 'kokopellian'Ian Roland
2. Open record- south african electroacoustic record label; home to Brendon Bussey/Deisel Geiser- composer, performer and audiomulch user. My favourite listening at the moment.
3. Sklent Industries- site of fraser geesin, composer, performer and visual artist.
4. Folktronix Tony Dale's site. Lovely dog soup music.
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