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This is the site of darren eve. I am an electro-acoustic musician mainly specialising in classical guitar, voice, percussion and other live sound sources which I then reprocess using digital audio techniques. Previous projects have included 'ud, percussion and guitar for dana gillespie/tim cross; vinyl releases such as electroplegic workshop on the anticat label (with fraser geesin under the name of ob);work for jw media music ltd. and ud/electric guitar for the devon based folktronix project with Tony Dale. Currently, I am half of the duo "kokopelli" with Ian Roland happily producing some fine song based acoustic music (even though I do say so myself!). We have a schedule of live events for this year and there should soon be a cd release, so watch this post.

If you are interested in hearing more of my music or have any projects in the pipeline that I could help you with, then please feel free to contact me. Check out the downloads page for excerpts of material. For kokopelli info go over to www.differentplanet.biz.

all works copyright darren eve 2004